Weekly Market Update: February 05, 2016


Over the week ending 05 February 2016 we saw local markets carry on their positive form. The Local market was up 1.24% represented by the All Share Index. The benchmark Top 40, up 0.88% for the week, while returns for the year are now -2.93%.

South African economic outlook:

The stand out sector last week was once again the Gold Mining Sector up 16.907% for the week, with the Resource Sector also having a good week, represented by the Resource 20, up 7.598%. Majority of all sectors marginally down for the week. The Gold Mining Sector is now up 57.704% for the year.

Our best performing share over the past week was Sibanye Gold LTD, up 20.86%. EOH was our stand out underperforming share, 3.54% down for the week.

Emperor Asset Management’s RFS strategy, up 1.65% and SEHs strategy was up 0.47% over the past week, RFS outperforming and SEHs underperforming the benchmark, YTD figures stand at -2.34% and -4.49% respectively. The Emperor Asset Management IP Unit Trust YTD now stands at -4.85%. Our Sir John Ross Hedge Fund has had a bad start to the year and was down 2.33% over the past week.

Below is a summary of index returns as well as the best and worst performing shares for Emperor Asset Management:



Stand out Results for the Upcoming Week: 

  • Medi-Clinic March 2016 (Final)

In international market news:

All of the Major Global Equity Markets were positive over the past week.

These are represented by the different regions as follows:

  • Americas (S&P 500: -3.102%, DJIA: -1.587%, Nasdaq: -5.436%)
  • Europe (FTSE 100: -3.875%, CAC 40: -4.898%, DAX: -5.224%)
  • Asia (Nikkei 225: -3.988%, Hang Seng: -2.006%)



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