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The importance of saving for your child’s education

January is renowned for two things – being broke after the December holiday indulgence and children going back to school. As of today - most schools will be open in South Africa. Most parents plan for the latter after just before the New Year but have you thought about planning for your child’s education even more in advance? You may ask why? I think I have the answer.

18/01/2017 / Lungile Msibi /
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Weekly Market Update: February 05, 2016

Over the week ending 05 February 2016 we saw local markets carry on their positive form. The Local market was up 1.24% represented by the All Share Index. The benchmark Top 40, up 0.88% for the week, while returns for the year are now -2.93%.

08/02/2016 / Bradley Kaplan /
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Why the biggest isn’t necessarily the best when talking unit trusts

As a young investor in this month of saving, an advisable first step to take is to invest in a unit trust. Which unit trust you might ask, seeing that there are a great number of funds to choose from in South Africa (SA). 

24/07/2015 / Joshua Nuttall /
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Welcome! Emperor Asset Management's First Unit Trust

Unit trusts are popular investment vehicles which have gained the trust of South Africa’s masses and now Emperor Asset Management is proud to announce the introduction of our first official unit trust.

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