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The importance of saving for your child’s education

January is renowned for two things – being broke after the December holiday indulgence and children going back to school. As of today - most schools will be open in South Africa. Most parents plan for the latter after just before the New Year but have you thought about planning for your child’s education even more in advance? You may ask why? I think I have the answer.

18/01/2017 / Lungile Msibi /
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Pay yourself first – tax free!

February is normally the time that we start slipping on our new year’s resolutions. Holidays, gifts and special treats in December were all good and well but how are your financial goals doing?

The end of February also brings the new tax year which means that you must assess whether you’ve fulfilled the annual limit in your tax free savings (or investment accounts).

19/02/2016 / Lungile Msibi /
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Lungile’s viewpoint on July as the month of savings

South Africa is in the thick of the winter and thus putting a few pennies away in the good old piggy bank may be far easier than if we were in the heart of summer – ‘living the life’ on the great beaches we have here in South Africa (SA).

08/07/2015 / Joshua Nuttall /
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This could be the best way to invest money

It’s a given that you’re aware of the importance of saving and investing in order to secure wealth for your future family. But how well do you understand the benefits of a tax-free savings account? Saving is challenging as it is, which means that you owe it to yourself to find ways to make investing easier, as well as ways to ensure your investment pays off in the long run.

14/05/2015 / Lungile Msibi /
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