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Market Analysis - May 2017

Global and local political risk remained high in May, which was reflected in a generally subdued stock market. All investors are by now well aware of the volatile and unstable domestic environment which resulted in the ratings downgrade, and the expected but unwelcome news that the country has fallen into recession.

Market Analysis - April 2017

April was a great month for large-cap shares on the JSE, not so much for mid-cap and smaller companies, which suggested that investors were hunting for relative safety in a highly volatile environment. We have had everything from war talk with North Korea to the French and UK elections -- never mind all the stuff President Jacob Zuma and the ratings agencies were doing on the local stage.

10/05/2017 / TC van der Walt /
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Market Analysis - March 2017

At times like these, South Africans show their mettle. Or, if you’re an investor, their metal. Observers of our portfolios will have noticed that over the past six months we have steadily increased the weighting in the resources sector, which includes precious metals (Northam, Sibanye) and all the industrial raw materials produced by the likes of Kumba, Assore, Merafe, South 32, and of course the heavyweights Anglo American and Glencore Xstrata.

07/04/2017 / TC van der Walt /
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Market Analysis: February 2017

The market is a strange and wonderful creature and it tempts many investors to second-guess what they think are hot trends. The point is that January’s performance, especially that of the standout super-performers -- JSE heavyweights Richemont, BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Naspers -- should never be assumed to be a done deal. Neither should the rather nice run-up in gold and platinum stocks be assumed to continue. As it turned out, a dose of caution was called for in those cases.

15/03/2017 / TC van der Walt /
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