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Investing is a Human Right.

I spent a portion of my Human rights day in a room full of beautiful, talented and courageous women who were together to share their experiences of what being a modern woman looks like. The challenges that we are faced with all ranging from health issues, child maintenance issues, social media and investing. 

23/03/2017 / Lungile Msibi /
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Focus on the goal, take calculated risks!
While others were setting their New Year’s resolutions and goals I was getting down to business by the first week of January because my goals for the next six months of this year were set last year. It is a matter of priority for me now. 

31/01/2017 / Sibusiso Vilane /
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#FashionAndInvestment was the trend of the day. From the preparations of pop-up stalls, music,catering and seating to speeches, a bit of dance and of course a woman’s first love; fashion. The excitement crept in as soon as I received my invite and grew more and more the closer the days got to Saturday, purely because I was interested in seeing how each clothing range would be integrated and interpreted to represent a particular investment strategy offered by Emperor Asset Management,

31/10/2016 / Lwazi Fubu /
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The Gigabucks Course: A 21 year old’s point of view

The CIO of Emperor Asset Management, Tom De Lange took us on an inspiring, eye-opening journey as he emphasised the importance of wealth planning and investing from a young age.

13/05/2016 / Lungile Msibi /
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