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Market Review: March 2016

March turned out to be an interesting spectacle with the Constitutional Court ruling that President Zuma and parliament violated the Constitution and that Zuma will personally have to pay back a certain amount of money for improvements at Nkandla.

07/04/2016 / TC van der Walt /
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Why pay active management fees?

The growing popularity of passively traded funds is no mystery if one considers that 80% of active asset managers have not outperformed their benchmarks over the last 5 years. A benchmark is an appropriate market index that a fund manager compares their performance to. For example, the JSE Top 40 is the commonly chosen index for South African Equity funds to benchmark their performance against.

18/09/2015 / Graeme Tennant /
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Short selling… is anyone, in fact, being sold short?

I cannot think of an issue that divides traders and investors more than the concept and practice of short selling.

Understanding Leverage: Shorting and Intelligent Investment Decisions

To build on the concept of leverage in securities it is of vital importance to understand how short selling affects an investment’s leverage or exposure.

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