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Market Commentary from the Investment Team

It seems the JSE has shaken off the hangover of its lacklustre performance in 2016 with some vigour. Running up strongly to the end of January, our benchmark the FTSE/JSE Top 40 posted a good return of 4.62%.

Weekly Market Update: 20 November 2015

We saw a turnaround in the market in the week ending 20 November 2015, where we saw local markets up as well as the global markets. The local market was up 2.03%, represented by the All Share Index.

23/11/2015 / Bradley Kaplan /
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Weekly Market Update: 16 October 2015

In the week ending 16th October 2015, we saw a small pull back in Local markets and majority of the Global equity markets increasing. The Local market down 0.66% this past week but still up 5.7% up for the month, represented by the All Share Index. The benchmark Top 40 also ended the week down, while returns for the year are now sitting at 7.94%.

19/10/2015 / Bradley Kaplan /
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Weekly Market Update: 18 May 2015

The FTSE/JSE Top 40 closed the week slightly higher, with the consumer goods sector being the main contributor, up 1.04% for the week.

On the JSE, African Rainbow Minerals LTD was the worst performer for the week, declining by 7.3%, while the best performer for the week was Mondi Ltd, which delivered a weekly return of 9.85%.

18/05/2015 / Bradley Kaplan /
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