The Gigabucks Course: A 21 year old’s point of view


Working Hard-1.jpgThe CIO of Emperor Asset Management, Tom De Lange took us on an inspiring, eye-opening journey as he emphasised the importance of wealth planning and investing from a young age.

The two day course was filled with lots of coffee!  However, most importantly filled with group engagement and team work.

During day one, Tom takes a personal look into the lifestyles of all the individuals in the room to gauge what changes they need to make to retire comfortably one day. As there were many age groups in the room, it allowed me to see the scenarios that I may or may not want to see myself in one day, the end of that section left me thinking that I definitely want to start early and not be stuck in a corner and having to take more investment risk in my later years.

Planning your retirement according to whether you want to afford security (literally a roof over your head), lifestyle (maintaining your current lifestyle during your retirement years) or wealth (where we all want to be) is important and definitely helps frame your decision making when you want to buy that extra pair of shoes. Like Tom said “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it” – this statement made the ladies blush with embarrassment but also realise how working towards increasing your wealth index will be beneficial one day.

During day two, Tom took the group through the process of creating your own investment strategy. We broke into two teams -  Team Stars and The Mavericks battled Mr De Lange himself to see who makes the best investment decisions and who can come up with a winning investment strategy (making reference to a parade and determining if you want to be in the front of the parade (momentum shares), the back of the parade (value shares) or the smack bam highlight of the show (Blue chips)) of course Mr De Lange took first prize! The lesson learnt here was that investing is risky however Tom stated that “If you persevere long enough, you WILL be rewarded”

Tom left us rethinking our goals and coming up with bold strategies to achieve our goals in a realistic time frame as well as rethinking our dream in life.

So, 21 year old me learnt the following from the course:

  • I need to wake up and realise what’s happening in the real world;
  • I am not wise at spending and saving money at all;
  • I need to start engaging in investing habits now, think twice before I spend money, make wealth building contributions and challenge myself to become a millionaire!

One of the things that stood out for me was that we must never lose focus of our dreams/purpose in life. “PAY YOURSELF FIRST” so that you can be sure to achieve your dream.

By doing this, my reward will be a stress free future, complete independence, and being able to fulfil my dreams.

I’m glad I did a course like this at a young age and I recommend it to everyone!

Entry by: Leandra Sewell


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