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Market Analysis - March 2018

The US president appears to be determined to shake up the established ways of doing international business, with apparently few concerns about the effects on global markets. As such, in March investors were slammed with fresh worries about how cross-border trade wars would affect stock prices. This is not to mention escalating tensions in the Middle East, fuelled by some inflammatory rhetoric by Donald Trump. On top of this geopolitical strife, certain high-profile corporations were caught out in varying degrees of malfeasance. Facebook is the most prominent of these with regard to the social network’s sharing of confidential user information. This did nothing for investor confidence, and several of the market darlings of recent times went through substantial corrections.


01/04/2018 / Sihle Ndhlala /
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Market Analysis - February 2018

As we warned in the January market report, conditions looked ominous for global stocks in February. A selloff in the last week of January continued into February, sparked by what some saw as a very confusing narrative. This was an unexpectedly good employment report in the US, which investors took fright at because it suggested that the Federal Reserve would hasten its programme of gradually increasing interest rates in 2018 to counter what were assumed to be higher inflationary forces. So, as we have seen so often in world markets, what seemed to be good news suddenly turned into bad news.


22/03/2018 / TC van der Walt /
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Market Analysis - January 2018

With hindsight, January’s market activity ought to have looked suspicious. Despite an extremely uncertain geopolitical environment, both in South Africa and abroad, indexes showed an alarming level of complacency. When prices rise on the back of seemingly no good news or changes in fundamentals, and calmness appears to reign, sirens should be ringing. After an excellent 2017, investors carried through that mood into the new year and the outlook gave every impression of being super-confident. Volatility continued to be unusually suppressed during January and for the most part stocks rose inexorably.

As we now know, Global Markets corrected significantly in the last few days of January and into the first week of February. On the local front we have had a barrage of bad news (never mind the political shenanigans – which is looking more positive), with the fallout from Steinhoff continuing to reverberate, joined also by suspicious short activity in Capitec and nasty analyst reports on among others Resilient. Also, the strong rand hurt the price of the likes of offshore-reliant Naspers and the other rand-hedges.

That’s a story for February, though. For now, let us look back at what drove the market’s performance in the first month of 2018.


19/02/2018 / TC van der Walt /
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Market Analysis - December 2017


Well, that was some year, packed with ups and downs but ending on a strong note thanks to the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as boss of the ANC. The markets responded favourably to the sense of political optimism, with the rand, property and bonds strengthening and the JSE steady in December, confirming equities as the best performing asset class in 2017.


16/01/2018 / TC van der Walt /
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