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We have completed a comprehensive review of Emperor’s Business and Investment Management Practice. This included exhaustive research and analysis of our portfolios strategies and together with an overall review of our business strategy.

As a result of the investment review we have made some significant enhancements to our investment methodology and strategies which we are confident will deliver the required investment outcomes demanded by our clients. This is being made with immediate effect.

Additionally, we will be making some exciting changes to our management team, website and product offering which we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

We will continue to be a data and algorithmically driven investment house. However, we are extending our investment methodology to allow us to have more tools to manoeuvre during different market events to reduce investment drawdowns and increase investment return per unit risk taken. As a result, the portfolios will not only be focused on a momentum approach, but using big data we will dynamically invest across momentum, value, quality and low volatility strategies (local and offshore) to create combined portfolios that we are confident will deliver outperformance to our clients.

Furthermore, as part of this review, we have negotiated significant discounts in trading (from 0.5% to 0.25%) and funding costs with our broker and this will further add significant benefits to client portfolios.

You will thus note important changes to the portfolios over the next few days which result in an increase in trading activity (as a result of this all trades over this period will only be subject to trading costs of 0.2%). A summary of the changes is provided below:

  • Portfolio rebalancing across both the Robert Falcon Scott and Sir John Ross Strategies. This will result in an increase in overall shareholdings in line with our revised methodology.
  • Both portfolios will once again move to a leveraged position

We thank you for your continued support as we continue to improve our offering to our clients.

Emperor Asset Management


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