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"As I gear up for Cape Epic 2017"

After the goal is set then comes the action steps and the preparation that takes one either towards the goal or away from it. I, however, believe that we all want to believe that all that we do brings us closer to achieving or realising that goal. But after the training and all the preparation, there is one battle to fight. This one is the make or break battle. The Mind game. This is the ultimate battle of them all when it comes to goal achieving.

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The Epic Journey, as we Prepare!

Turning chaos into an opportunity (Missing the start time at BarbertonX)

The Barberton ultra, called BarbertonX was going to be the next big event for us to use as a litmus test to check how well we had progressed with training so far, and how well we would ride as a team at Epic. I was eagerly looking forward to riding the event with Justin, the ride was going to be 110km.

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Focus on the goal, take calculated risks!
While others were setting their New Year’s resolutions and goals I was getting down to business by the first week of January because my goals for the next six months of this year were set last year. It is a matter of priority for me now. 

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The Epic Journey: Review your progress

Review your progress!

Such is the necessity while going along to try and achieve a goal that one sets. The goal this time is the Cape Epic which I will be riding in March of 2017. I have been training hard and quite seriously since mid-October last year. But you cannot be able to see how much progress you are making if you do not review your progress

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Sibusiso Vilane

Sibusiso is one of a handful of South Africans, and the first black African, to achieve the feat of climbing each of the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Sibusiso is the Brand Ambassador of Emperor Asset Management.