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Investing is a Human Right.

I spent a portion of my Human rights day in a room full of beautiful, talented and courageous women who were together to share their experiences of what being a modern woman looks like. The challenges that we are faced with all ranging from health issues, child maintenance issues, social media and investing. 

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The importance of saving for your child’s education

January is renowned for two things – being broke after the December holiday indulgence and children going back to school. As of today - most schools will be open in South Africa. Most parents plan for the latter after just before the New Year but have you thought about planning for your child’s education even more in advance? You may ask why? I think I have the answer.

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Review: The Gigabucks Course

I had the privilege to attend Tom de Lange‘s (Tom de Lange is the Chief Investment Officer at Emperor Asset Management) Gigabucks course around investing and wealth creation, which I can only describe as a real eye opener.

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Don’t get ripped off by a Pyramid Scheme


A pyramid scheme is an investment scheme that lures new investors by offering unusually high payouts. The attraction of pyramid schemes is that early investors are able to make large sums of money after a very short time. Usually, money from new investors is used to pay old investors and ultimately, the scammer runs out of new investors and is unable to pay old investors and the scheme collapses.

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Lungile Msibi

Lungile, holding an Honours Degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Johannesburg, joined the Purple Group team as Brand Manager of Emperor Asset Management in 2013. Lungile has brought to the team her experience as a consultant, developing strategic communication for leading South African Brand such as; Anglo American, Sasol, Datatec, and BankservAfrica. Since 2013, Lungile has provided an understanding of current and potential clients, client lead generation and relationship management, and has developed and managed marketing campaigns. Lungile’s work is a reflection of her passion to dispel the idea that asset management in South Africa is for a privileged few and developing an investment language that anyone can relate to.