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Emperor Asset Management: A part of the Purple magic

The annual results of our holding company Purple Group Limited were released on Thursday 6th November. Purple groups CEO, Charles Savage, expressed that “Our success and opportunity is forged from innovation, failure, determination, trust, understanding, experiences and mostly our extraordinary people.”

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The Gigabucks course, retirement and why you should consider it?

When you type ‘Gigabucks’ into a google search on your preferred web browser there are a number of things that pop up, but they all seem to be linked to some form of monetary value or growing your money from ‘mega bucks’.

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Even asset managers need time off every now and then

The Emperor team travelled to the Vaal for the IIG (Insurance Institute of Gauteng) Mother of Golf Days. A great day it was, although the golf left a lot to be desired and our team will have to redeem themselves at the next golf day we attend. We sponsored three four balls and it was great that we could share the day with a couple of our clients.

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Why the biggest isn’t necessarily the best when talking unit trusts

As a young investor in this month of saving, an advisable first step to take is to invest in a unit trust. Which unit trust you might ask, seeing that there are a great number of funds to choose from in South Africa (SA). 

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Joshua Nuttall

As a BA in history and Environmental and Geographical Sciences graduate from UCT you may think it strange that I am working with the marketing department of an investment company. However I see my degree as a broad base education that has taught me how to analyse and think about things in a variety of different ways. I am therefore equipped to learn and grow as I spend more time on the job! My writing aims to offer insights to the financial world that aren’t highly complex, but at the same time prompting the reader to use their own initiative to research terms that they are not sure of. In short, believe in yourself, work hard, and learn from the challenges you face rather than letting them knock you down!