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Weekly Market Update: 28 September 2015

The week ended 25th September 2015 saw another decline in local and global equity markets, as global growth concerns persist, particularly in China, the world’s second largest economy. The benchmark Top 40 and All-Share Indices followed suit, ending the weak negative, while returns for the year are now sitting at 2.26% and 1.13% respectively.

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Weekly Market Update: 14 September 2015

Last week saw little movement in local equity markets, in what turned out to be a relatively quiet week on the news front. Both the benchmark Top 40 and All-Share Indices ended the weak slightly in the negative, down 0.22% and 0.35% respectively. There remains to be some uncertainty in the markets, while the relatively low investor confidence means there is no imminent signs of the bulls returning just yet.

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Weekly Market Update: 31 August 2015

The week ended August 28th was a strong one for Emperor Asset Management, while Tuesday saw us have record days in the green. There has still been some concern for investors, with China and its Central Bank resulting in some major market volatility. The All-Share Index closed the week higher, up 1.91%. Gold mining saw quite a selloff, down 5.30% for the week. 

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Weekly Market Update: 27 July 2015

The week ended July 24th as a bit of a strange one for the markets. With situations in Greece and China seemingly behind us, one would have expected markets to be a lot firmer. Instead, we saw markets across the board seeing red. 

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