Posted by Jacques Joubert

Retirement saving tips for Generation Y

Wiping the sleep from your eyes in the early morning as the droning sound of the snooze alarm persists; you find yourself in your 20s or early 30s, thinking about if it is worthwhile to start planning for retirement at such a young age.

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Jacques Joubert

“Super quick computers and advanced mathematic formulas have largely taken over trading on financial markets from human beings.” I see it now; this is tomorrow's over dramatized headline. A strange world where we are trapped somewhere between the Matrix and Terminator franchises - however It is my expectation that we all remember that we are not fighting against the machines of Skynet and that the algorithms we employ are developed by human beings; it is our thoughts manifested into being – quantified and beautiful in complexity. I am an author and algorithmic trading enthusiast who has a passion for disruptive technologies.